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VOTE 2019: Evendons

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Polling stations

  • Civic Offices, Shute End, Wokingham
  • Evendons Woosehill Community Church, Chestnut Avenue, Off Northway, Woosehill

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2019 candidates

Lynn Forbes, Independent

Lynn Forbes
Lynn Forbes

I have been an Independent Town Councillor for Evendon’s West for the last 4 years and am standing again for a place on Wokingham Town Council (Evendon’s West ward) and a seat on Wokingham Borough Council (Evendon’s ward) as an Independent Councillor.

I believe in putting Wokingham first.

I’ve lived in Wokingham since February 1986 with my two sons, Brendon and Chris, who both attended Forest School.

Over the last four years I have been the town’s Independent Councillor for Evendon’s West.

I believe I have represented you all thoroughly with a 90% attendance record for meetings and events.

Working on the Market Place refurbishment, I’ve asked the ‘elephant in the room’ questions on budgets – getting you the best value for money.

I’ve sat on the Amenities Committee, and with the support of the Town Council, championed the Graffiti and Litter Eradication project which has been delivered through Town Schools.

I want to put Wokingham first, help me make our town what you want.

Curb development, mitigate traffic, improve parking, which will help bring shoppers to the town businesses.

Bring a higher profile to preserving green space and ensure our youth have a future.

Let’s work on leaving an impressive legacy that we are proud of for Wokingham’s future.

Help me put Wokingham first.

Thank you

Daniel Hinton, Conservatives

Daniel Hinton
Daniel Hinton

I have lived in Wokingham for the past 30 years and the last three have been spent in Evendons with my wife and two young sons.

I work in the Broadcast industry but have spent the last 10 years working in the private sector as a Sales Manager.

I am extremely passionate about keeping Wokingham as one of the best places in the country to live and ensuring that all children grow up in a safe, secure and vibrant community.

In particular I strive to continue the high level education provided to children in the Borough. I have recently met with senior members of Thames Valley Police to discuss Anti Social Behaviour and how to stop it.

I believe that everyone has ideas on how to improve our community and I look forward to meeting as many residents as possible to discuss their ideas before and after the election.

Tim Lloyd, Labour

Tim Lloyd
Tim Lloyd

Tim Lloyd is retired and has lived in Woosehill for 25 years.

Recently, he has been heavily involved in Labour’s campaign to save Wokingham’s Crown Post Office.

Tim said, “I have spoken to hundreds of residents and people are absolutely clear – Wokingham’s Post Office must stay in its historic building.”

Tim is also concerned about over-development in and around the Woosehill and Evendons ward. A member of the ‘Friends of Fox Hill wood’ group he is concerned that local green spaces are under threat – both in Woosehill and in the new developments south of the railway line.

As a neighbourhood watch representative, Tim is keenly aware of the problems caused by anti-social behaviour in the area.

“You cannot continually cut youth service provision and police funding and not expect there to be consequences”, he said. “Of course there is right and wrong, but we cannot just cross our fingers and hope society turns out ok, because it won’t. We have to invest in our young people and invest in our police”.

“A councillors’ role is not just to get elected and to disappear to the council chamber and committee rooms. A Labour local councillor’s job is to stand up for their community on all the issues which impact the community, not just hide away.”

“We have a small group of Labour councillors on the council and they are making a massive impact. It would be great to join them. The Tories just do not listen and having one party dominate the council makes for terrible local decision making – as we have seen with the management of the town centre regeneration.”

Adrian Mather, Liberal Democrat

I have lived in Wokingham for the last 20 years with my wife and three children.

I work for a global IT firm and am actively involved with my local church and its community.

In my spare time, I help out with various youth activities.

Louise Timlin, Women’s Equality Party

Housing and development are serious concerns locally, including ensuring provision of appropriate infrastructure and availability of affordable housing for local residents.

But these are not the only issues relevant to our community.

Cuts, and threatened cuts, to services are impacting women, the vulnerable, mothers and young people, amongst others.

Also the gender pay gap within the Council itself is 13.9% and they have no action plan to address this. I am standing because it is women who bear the brunt of austerity and it is women who are often forced to plug the gaps when our vital services are cut.

Yet only 13 of our 53 councillors are women.

Those who are most affected by difficult decisions are the least represented in that decision making process.

I will give a voice to those who feel ignored, overlooked and unrepresented.

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