VOTE 2019: Hawkedon


Polling Stations

  • Earley Crescent Resource Centre, Warbler Drive, Earley
  • Maiden Place Community Centre, Maiden Place, Earley

2019 results

2019 candidates

Tim Holton, Conservative

Tim Holton
Tim Holton

Tim has lived opposite Hawkedon School for 29 years and locally since 1964.

He attended Bulmershe School before University. He has served you effectively as a Town Councillor for 16 years and Borough Councillor for 15 years.

Like most parents Tim is concerned with the future of his children.  The eldest works in the NHS. The other is seeking employment following graduating this summer.

Affordable housing to buy or rent is an issue that needs addressing.  This is not just for those starting out but for everyone.

His parents live locally, providing invaluable insight in to the issues that older residents face on a daily basis.

Tim is Chairman of the Planning Committee and believes inappropriate development contrary to policy should always be refused.  If developers attempt to bypass policy this should be dealt with by robust enforcement. In the Council Offices Tim always speaks up for Earley residents.

Andrew Mickleburgh, Liberal Democrat

Andrew Mickleburgh
Andrew Mickleburgh

From a young age Andrew has been very active in politics and charitable work.

He has extensive experience in the education sector and is committed to improving the lives of Earley’s young people and senior citizens.



Doreen Osborne, Labour

Doreen Osborne
Doreen Osborne

Doreen has lived in Hawkedon ward for nearly 30 years and her two children went to local schools. She retired 17 years ago from the IT industry and since then has volunteered with Citizens Advice locally.

“Week in, week out, we see the effects of austerity on the people of Wokingham. The benefits system does not enable people who have fallen on difficult times to survive and many are not treated with dignity. It’s great that local people step into the breach with charitable help, and we often direct people to the local food banks. But it makes me angry that what they need is not provided as a right.

“The housing situation is a disgrace, with insufficient social housing and very little effective redress against landlords who do not provide clean, decent, affordable rented accommodation.

“We desperately need a fairer, more equal, more compassionate society and I will fight for that.”

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