VOTE 2019: Norreys

Polling Stations

  • Norreys Evangelical Church, Norreys Avenue, Wokingham
  • Norreys Wokingham Methodist Church Hall, Rose Street, Wokingham

2019 results

2019 candidates

Elizabeth Bishop, Liberal Democrat

Elizabeth Bishop
Elizabeth Bishop

Elizabeth has lived in Wokingham all her life and went to local schools.  She’s a student and currently works in Beanoak Road in Norreys.

Elizabeth says, “I want to see more facilities and support for young people in our area.  Young people need places to meet and support services, such as mental health support, to help us when we need help in solving problems.

“The needs of teenagers and young people were ignored when the town centre was redesigned and budget cuts mean that support is available only for the most troubled young people.

“I also want to see housing affordable housing made available for young adults”.

Nick Fox, Labour

Nick Fox
NIck Fox

“My name is Nick Fox and I live in Norreys, just off Bishops Drive with my partner and 2 children.

“I’m a site manager with a local water company and have ultimate responsibility for everything that happens on my site; it’s a very busy but very rewarding job that I really enjoy. I’m passionate about community engagement and if elected I will be focused on listening to residents views and take those forward to Wokingham Borough Council and championing the views of Norreys residents.

“My stepdaughter attends All Saints Primary school in Norreys and I’m well aware of how the local schools are struggling with reduced funding and desperately trying to make ends meet; I would want to support local schools in any way I can  in these difficult times.

“Having walked to school with my family I’ve witnessed first hand how local roads are getting busier and busier and how crossing these roads has become more and more difficult on schools runs and for the elderly and less abled. I’m challenging Wokingham Borough Council to provide safe pedestrian road crossings on Wiltshire road and Rectory road.

“I’ve been out canvassing across Norreys over the last year and have had hundred and hundreds of conversations with residents hearing all sorts of views and issues; if elected I would continue to be out across Norreys talking and listening to residents, not just in the weeks leading up to the election but all year round.”

Gregor Murray, Conservatives

Gregor Murray
Gregor Murray

I have two young children and I am passionate about ensuring that they, and all our residents, live in a safe, vibrant town that is ready for the next 50 years of living, not the last 50.

I am running for the Borough Council because our community needs more doctors, schools, parking and affordable homes before we need any more large houses.

I believe we need to say Enough Is Enough to Government-forced housing development that’s putting increased pressure on our infrastructure before we’ve had chance to build the things we truly need.

I want to protect green spaces for all our residents to enjoy and I want to challenge our council to set bold environmental targets and then push everyone to deliver them.

I also want us to be more proactive in improving the physical health and mental wellbeing of our residents and improve everyone’s quality of life.

Gregor has published a local manifesto on his website. It can be read here.

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