VOTE 2019: Reading East sticks with Labour's Matt Rodda

Reading East
The result at Reading East is declared
General Election 2019

MATT RODDA has held on to his Reading East seat – polling just slightly more than he did two years ago. 

And bucking the national trend, the Conservative party share of the vote has reduced. 

Mr Rodda, who was a Labour councillor in Reading before he beat Rob Wilson in 2017, polled 27,102 votes in Reading East, compared to 27,093 in 2017. 

Craig Morley, who was contesting the seat for the first time, polled 21,178. In 2017, Rob Wilson had 23,344. 

Interestingly, the Lib Dem candidate, Imogen Shepherd-DuBey polled 5,035 – more than the 3,378 who voted for the party two years ago. 

And the Brexit Party’s Mitchell Freierstein polled 852 votes. 

The Christian Parties Alliance also stood, but their vote share is not yet known.

The turnout was 77,152, or 72.66% of the electorate. 

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