VOTE 2019: Shinfield South

Polling Stations

  • Three Mile Cross Church Centre, Basingstoke Road, Three Mile Cross
  • Shinfield Parish Hall, School Green, Shinfield
  • Spencers Wood Pavilion, Clares Green Road, Spencers Wood

2019 results

2019 candidates

Jim Frewin, Independent

Jim Frewin
Jim Frewin

My name is Jim Frewin and for the past two years I have been fighting to protect our Shinfield, Spencers Wood, Three Mile Cross and Grazeley villages from being destroyed by overdevelopment.

I have lived in this area most of my life and had no desire to get involved in local politics until one of our local Councillors told me there was nothing as a resident I could do about saving our villages. I want to prove him wrong!

Think about traffic, hospitals, Doctors, Schools, loss of green fields, development disruption, how fair is our planning and what will happen with even more houses.

Are you concerned about these issues?

Do you feel enough is being done to protect our villages?

The only certainty is that if we keep doing what we have been doing over the past few years nothing will change and our villages will be gone forever.

I believe it’s time for a change. It’s time to put residents first – ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.   

Marcus McDowell, Labour

Marcus McDowell
Marcus McDowell

“I live in Shinfield Parish with my partner and work for a local IT company based in Green Park.

“For the past 18 months I’ve had the pleasure of representing Shinfield North on the Shinfield Parish Council. During that time I’ve been regularly knocking on doors asking residents about their experiences of living in the area, their thoughts on the council services being provided, and what improvements they would like to see made so that I can more fully represent their views.

“I’m active in the local community where I’ve campaigned on two important issues: for the reduction in the speed limit on residential roads from 40 mph to 30 mph and to stop the over-development of Shinfield. I’ve also petitioned the council on behalf of residents for additional street lights, to tackle fly tipping, and to stop the green spaces from disappearing in Shinfield.

“For me it’s important that our local politicians are active in our community, motivated to tackle issues which matter to us, and pro-active enough to seek out everyone’s views.”

Hilary Murdoch, Green

I have lived in Wokingham for 19 and Shinfield for the past four years.

I am passionate about our green belt and want to see Shinfield protected from the current over development.

Building on green fields is putting strain on our wildlife and the infrastructure, which is not keeping up. I feel strongly that the Conservative Council has not considered the well being of local people when approving the developments in Shinfield.

Going forward, we need to provide additional places in the local secondary schools and our doctors surgeries to ensure they can support the increasing population.

I believe it is time to put our green spaces ahead of profit and as the Green Party state “end the system that keeps eroding our environment”.

Anthony Pollock, Conservative

Anthony Pollock
Anthony Pollock

Anthony Pollock is a Chartered Accountant with his own practice specialising in the particular needs of start-up and early stage businesses mainly in the new technology sector.

He has he has lived in Spencers Wood for over 20 years and been an elected Councillor for Shinfield since 1994 and has represented Shinfield South since its creation in 2004.

Anthony has specialised in finance during much of his time on the Council. However, has also covered Highways and Education at different times.

Anthony has been involved in defending the Shinfield Ward from excessive housing and congestion notably in the successful defence of Grazeley in 1997/8, opposition to all the major brownfield sites in Shinfield in the early 2000’s, ensuring that the council defended at appeal UoR’s attempts to add a large number of houses to the number already agreed in the core strategy and defending Spencers Wood and Shinfield against the latest round of appeal led development applications.

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