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VOTE 2019: Sir John Redwood criticises Lib Dem's election slogan

Sir John Redwood
General Election 2019

SIR JOHN REDWOOD has criticised the Liberal Democrat slogan of ‘winning here’, saying that it is an ‘odd and self-serving slogan’.

He made the comments in a blogpost on his website after he listened to the party’s leader Jo Swinson – who visited Shinfield on Saturday – on BBC Radio 4 on Monday, December 9.

“‘Winning here’ [is] an odd and self serving slogan. Normally parties and candidates have slogans about what they want to do for the voters,” he wrote.

He continued: “It would have been more modest and sensible if their posters said ‘Trying to win here’ or ‘Keen to win here’. ‘Unlikely to win here’ would be a bit of a turn off even where it was an honest assessment.”

The Conservative candidate for Wokingham added that if there was a hung parliament as a result of Thursday’s general election, Swinson “would be under great pressure to accept a Labour minority government offering a second referendum”.

“She has consistently said there are no circumstances in which she would support a Conservative government seeking to implement the result of the referendum, so that only leaves one realistic option in a hung Parliament, a Labour led government.”

And Sir John feels that Labour’s manifesto would not benefit the country.

“The huge spending and taxing plans of the current Labour party would bring on an early crisis,” he wrote.

Standing in Wokingham constituency in this general election are: 

  • Kizzi Johannessen, Green Party
  • Dr Phillip Lee, Lib Dems
  • Dr Annette Medhurst, Labour
  • Annabel Mullin, Advance Together
  • Sir John Redwood, Conservatives

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