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VOTE 2019: The Conservatives have won in Wokingham

THE CONSERVATIVES have won the Wokingham seat, with Sir John Redwood announced as the MP once again.

The results were announced live at 2.50am at the Loddon Valley Leisure Centre, Lower Earley.

The Conservatives won with 30,734 votes.

In second place were the Liberal Democrats with 23,351 votes.

Labour took 6,450 votes. The Greens took 1,382 and Advance Together took 80. 

Sir John Redwood thanked the room, saying: “Can I thank the returning officer and his staff for the work they have done to give access to voters and for organising this count tonight.

“I trust we won’t lose Phillip Lee from public service as now he has the opportunity to be a full- time practitioner.

“I am delighted that we meet against the background of a very likely majority government for this country.

“I am conscious of the trust the people of Wokingham are putting in me again, and I am going to work very hard.

“Ladies and gentlemen, it’s late, we want to go home. Thank you again, all of you for what you have done, to make this election a success.”

This was the first year that a significant challenge was made for the Wokingham seat by Liberal Democrat candidate, Dr Phillip Lee.

Dr Lee was previously the Conservative MP for Bracknell, until he crossed the floor earlier this year. 

In his speech, he said: “It has been an absolute joy being the candidate for the Liberal Democrats here in Wokingham.

“Each and every member of my remarkable team have been absolutely fantastic, I have been humbled by their efforts and commitment. 

“I am just so sorry that we have fallen short.

“We’re living in a very difficult age, and actually I fear it’s going to continue to do so. “Tonight, the people of Wokingham – decent folk – have chosen to support the Conservative candidate.

“Across the country, many more decent folk have done the same. 

“You are going to get Brexit.

“I have tried to stop that, and I still believe very passionately that what the country is about to embark on is not in the national interest.

“I firmly believe that and I will continue to fight for that.

“I think this is going to be a difficult ride for the United Kingdom. The country has voted for socio-economic change and geopolitical change.

“I have lost. I have lost here and I have lost the argument I have been trying to make. 

“That doesn’t mean I’ve changed my view. Holding your view and being passionate about it is an important part of politics.”

Annette Medhurst said: “Thank you to the team. 

“This was an opportunity for real change in Wokingham and unfortunately the electorate have not done that.”

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