VOTE 2019: Theresa May comfortably holds Maidenhead seat, but sees share of vote decline

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General Election 2019

IN MAIDENHEAD, Theresa May saw her share of the vote decline as the Lib Dem support increased.

The former prime minister still won comfortably, with 32,620 votes – 58% of the vote.

Joshua Reynolds, who is one of the youngest people to stand for this parliament, saw the party’s share of the vote increase by 13%, scooping 13,774 or 24%.

Labour’s share went down 5% to 7,882, putting Patrick McDonald in third place.

In fourth place, Emily Tomalin for the Green party. She had a 4% vote share and 2,216 votes.

Mrs May spoke on the BBC’s election programme, telling Andrew Neill that she was pleased that the Conservatives would have a majority.

“[It means] we can get Brexit sorted, get Brexit done and move the country on, and then focus on those many other priorities that people want the government to focus on, on a day-to-day basis,” she said.

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