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VOTE 2019: 'We needed a more successful national picture' says Dr Lee

Dr Phillip Lee
Dr Phillip Lee at the Wokingham count. Picture: Jess Warren
General Election 2019

WATCHING the votes come in Dr Phillip Lee praised his team, but appeared to expect the result to not go his way.

Ahead of the final result, The Wokingham Paper spoke to Dr Lee, candidate for the Liberal Democrats.

Speaking about the campaign, he said: “We came in with our eyes open, we knew it was a challenge. 

“We needed a more successful national picture. 

“I’m really proud of my campaign. My team has been exceptional. It is the best political campaign I’ve ever been a part of. And we’ve always said, wait and see what the numbers are telling us.”

“Look at where we’ve got in, what, six weeks or however long it’s been. 

“I’m humbled by the support that I’ve received and the messages of goodwill from the people.

Reflecting on his personal campaign, Dr Lee said: “What more could we do? I mean, from what I gather, we’re approaching 40% of the vote.

“Wow. Yeah, that’s never happened in this constituency.

“I mean, really, I’d be interested to know how our figures compared to other Liberal Democrat campaigns up and down the country, and I think we’ll compare favourably I’m guessing. 

“Let’s see what the morning brings.”

When asked about what would be next if the Liberal Democrats do not win the seat, Dr Lee said: “I’ve got to sit down and reflect. You know, just reflect upon where I’m in my life. “And, you know, I think what the country seems to have just voted for is still not in the national interest. 

“I mean, the last three years have all been about, as far as I’m concerned, how Brexit isn’t turning out the way that people thought it was going to turn out in 2016. 

“And yet despite that, quite honestly, it would appear that tonight Britain has voted to properly leave.

“And I still think it’s a mistake. 

“And I still think that it’s right to keep fighting. But I’m under no illusions about these results and implications it has to Britain itself, the integrity of Britain with the United Kingdom. 

“If the SNP have done as well as the polls say, then I have absolutely no doubt about the impact this is going to have upon Britain’s position in the world. 

“I came here to fight the seat because I wanted to stop that happening. 

“It would appear that hasn’t been successful.”

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