WATCH: See thieves attempt to raid Embrook Post Office this morning


IN THE early hours of this morning, Embrook Post Office was smashed open in a targeted attack.

A black pickup truck reversed into the glass shop front two times to break into the building.  

Windows were smashed in and the metal frame holding the glass windows has been severely buckled.

In CCTV footage, two people in black balaclavas approached the storefront with what appears to be a crowbar. 

The attempted break-in happened at the Reading Road-based convenience store around 3.25am this morning.

Embrook Post Office
The Embrook Post Office was raided this morning. Picture: Jess Warren

Store owner, Gowsigu Karunakaran said: “We heard the smash, and we looked through the window and turned on the lights.

“The two guys saw us, jumped in the car and ran away.

“At the moment, we don’t think anything was taken.

The shop owners believe the raiders were targeting the ATM machine inside the building. 

They added: “They also could have been trying to steal cigarettes and cash from the Post Office till. 

“We called the Police as soon as it happened, and they arrived within five to 10 minutes.”

Embrook Post Office is one of Emmbrook’s historic shops, and its official name contains the original spelling of the village.

Thames Valley Police have taken statements from the shop owners. They are unable to comment at this time.

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