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WESTMINSTER DIARY: Why I’m campaigning for a fresh public vote on Brexit

Reading East MP Matt Rodda

Brexit continues to be a difficult issue, with further votes in Parliament this week showing how it is hard to get agreement for a way forward.

I am deeply concerned about Brexit and I am trying to stand up for the interests of local people.

I think a no deal outcome would inflict very deep damage to our local businesses, to public services like the NHS, which might see medical supplies disrupted, and to our community as a whole.

In addition, I believe the Prime Minister’s proposed withdrawal agreement is deeply flawed and would lead to several years of uncertainty and continuing negotiations, in which the EU would have the upper hand.

In the last few days the Prime Minister’s draft withdrawal agreement has been defeated again in Parliament, after a previous defeat in January and a long period during which the Government has delayed bringing back changes to its proposed deal.

The Prime Minister appears to be trying to run down the clock in a high risk attempt to force MPs to back to her deal, which increases the danger of a no deal cliff edge.

However, I do not accept the Government’s assertion that we either have to accept its deal or have no deal.
I am pressing for a much closer and more sensible relationship with the EU.

I have been voting and campaigning for a delay in the negotiations to avoid a no deal cliff edge. I also believe that because of the deadlock there should be a fresh public vote on Brexit.

If this goes ahead I believe that both Remain and any deal should be the options on the ballot paper and I would support Remain if there was a second referendum.

I campaigned for Remain in 2016, however, I do understand that people hold different views on this issue and I would like to hear your views on this important issue, please complete my Brexit survey online at or by writing to me for a copy at Matt Rodda MP, House of Commons, London SW1A OAA.

Matt Rodda is the MP for Reading East, which includes parts of Woodley and Earley

Next week: Dr Phillip Lee MP

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