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When technology goes wrong: Russell Players plan to stage new comedy in Swallowfield

Some electronics yesterday
Picture: Michael Schwarzenberger from Pixabay

KEANU REEVES showed us what the future could be like in the classic film trilogy The Matrix: mankind unknowingly enslaved by machines. 

But where does it start? 

That’s the premise for a new comedy play being performed in Swallowfield next month. 

The Russell Players are hoping you’ll swallow the blue pill and join them for Alarms and Excursions, by Michael Frayn. 

Performed at the Parish Hall from Friday, October 11 to Sunday, October 13, the show asks what happens when electronic devices start misbehaving. 

The play aims to examine some of the frustrations experienced at the hands of technology. We’ve all become irritated by a mysterious buzz, a continuous humming, a burglar alarm or a cooker timer going off unexpectedly and refusing to be turned off.

Imagine these devices in your home turning against you one after the other. 

Such mysteries are not just confined to the home, it can happen anywhere; a politician is lost for words when the autocue goes off-script; an in-flight announcement ends with more than a seat-belt coming undone. 

Chaos and exasperation ensue in this comedy caper. 

The show is performed at 7.30pm nightly from Friday, October 11 through to Sunday, October 13, at Swallowfield Parish Hall in Swallowfield Street. 

Tickets cost £10 and include a light supper. They can be bought in advance from Swallowfield Stores or by calling 07555 073597. 

Alternatively, log on to

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