Why paying for parking in Wokingham has gone hi-tech

NO MORE fumbling for loose change for parking the car.

That’s the promise of the very latest, hi-tech machines that are being installed in Wokingham Borough Council’s car parks.

The new machines take contactless cards as well as normal credit cards. They do still take cash and the Ringo system – where users can call up to book parking – is operational until autumn next year.

And to help shoppers get their tickets quicker, an additional 14 machines have been installed. Now, every borough owned car park has at least two pay machines.

The biggest change is to the new Carnival Pool multi-storey, which has seen entrance barriers and cameras removed due to a change in the law, which prevents councils from using the technology.

But shoppers will appreciate a new check-in, check-out system. They enter their car registration plate and a payment card on entry. When returning, by presenting the same card the system will take payment for the correct time parked.

As the new system involves inputting vehicle registration, no ticket needs to be displayed as all details will be checked electronically. This is even the case when selecting the pay and display option. Only Winnersh Park and Ride is yet to have its new machines put in, with completion there expected before the end of summer.

“These new machines have proved very popular at Cockpit Path car park, so it is great they have been rolled out across the borough,” said executive member for highways and transport, Cllr Pauline Jorgensen.

“I would like to thank residents for their patience while there were a few teething problems after the initial installation in some locations. But the variety of payment options available means users can now be more flexible when they go out and enjoy their leisure time by visiting one of our towns or villages.

“The innovative ‘check in, check out’ payment system provides an improved service as it means visitors only pay for the exact amount of time they are actually using the car park. They will no longer have to play it safe by overpaying as the new technology works for them to ensure they pay the lowest amount possible.”

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  1. The problem with that system is that if the person collecting the car is not the person who parked it and hence doesn’t have access to the original payment card, how do they effect payment? This is something my wife and I frequently used to do at Carnival Pool car park if we return at different times. I might leave the car, she might pick it up and vice versa. This system does not allow for that.

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