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Will it snow at the Wokingham May Fayre?

Wokingham Winter Carnival
Children enjoying a fake snow machine at The Wokingham Winter Carnival 2015

Being an outdoor event, Wokingham’s May Fayre relies on good weather to attract the crowds.

With the weather over the past week seeing snow and hail showers, will the May Fayre fare any better tomorrow?

Get ready for a day of fun at wokingham’s may fayre

Snow has been forecast for the UK – but thankfully it will be in the hills of Scotland, not in Wokingham.

Being a bank holiday, it should come as little surprise that rain is forecast during the day.

Thankfully, it is set to be a mostly dry day and it will be far too warm to snow!

The May Fayre starts at 10am and the forecast is a reasonably warm 12ºC. Wind chill will make it feel cooler – closer to 9ºC.

As the day goes on, it will get warmer. Around 1pm, it will be 14ºC, but feel like 10ºC.

The May Fayre continues until 5pm, but only the hardiest souls will be there till the bitter end if the forecast rain happens: rain will start to fall from 3pm, turning to heavy showers by 4pm. It will be dry again by 6pm.

see the times for all the attractions at the may fayre

The BBC forecast suggests that it could start raining from earlier in the afternoon. A band of rain is sweeping the country from Wales and could arrive in Wokingham around 1pm. They also suggest the temperature will be 15ºC … and as the week goes on we could be seeing temperatures closer to 20ºC.

So, in summary, dry and cloudy for much of the day, turning wet in the afternoon.

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