Will Piers Morgan enjoy a bite of this vegan hog roast being served in Finchampstead this Saturday?

Hogless Roast coming to Siren Craft Brew from noon

IT’S a hog roast without a hog – and we’re not telling porkies.

This Saturday, Siren Craft Brew in Finchampstead will hold what is thought to be Berkshire’s first fully fledged vegan hog roast complete with vegan cracklin’.

The menu includes burgers, buns, sauces and salads – but not a pig on a plate.

The company behind the event, The Hogless Roast, describe it as “a traditional hog roast roll, reimagined for a new generation.”

Ross Mundy, one of the co-founders, said: “There has been a tremendous increase in the number of people going vegan in recent years.

“We cater for weddings, corporate events and parties of all descriptions. We are also doing a lot more events such as that at Siren and we are really looking forward to coming to Wokingham.”

Ross said he was a meat eater until five years ago and feels healthier and happier since turning vegan.

“We’re at the forefront of a new movement taking gourmet, plant-based food into the mainstream.

“This isn’t about preaching or converting. It’s about creating delicious and sustainable food for everyone, not just veggies and vegans.”

Hogless roast vegan
The Hogless Roast

The Siren hogless roast takes place from noon on Saturday, April 6 in the Tap Yard in Marino Way Industrial Estate.

Ross said he expected Wokingham vegans to pack out the event. “We’ve taken the best plant protein out there, infused it with smoky barbecue flavours, lathered it in apple sauce, topped it with stuffing and packed it into a toasted rustic roll.

“Then we’ve thrown in some naughty salted cracklin’ for good measure made from our own secret recipe. The Hogless Roast is full of protein and fibre and gluten-free.”

He added that the company had not yet labelled the calorie count for the meal: “We plan to do that but for vegans, I think the most important thing is that we do not kill animals to enjoy a great tasting meal.”

Vegan ‘meat’ has been in the news this year – High Street bakery chain Greggs launched a vegan sausage roll, snubbing its Wokingham and Woodley branches in the process. TV host Piers Morgan wasn’t impressed, calling it ‘disgusting’.

He tried the roll on live television, but spat it out, saying “It absolutely stinks and tastes disgusting”.

At least if he comes to Siren Craft Brew and he doesn’t like the roast, he’ll find a beer that he can enjoy…

For more details, log on to www.sirencraftbrew.com or visit thehoglessroast.com

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