Wokingham 3D printing company has its eye on the prize ahead of Thames Valley Tech Awards.

Image credit: CREAT3D
Image credit: CREAT3D

A Wokingham business hopes to leave its prints on a Thames Valley Tech Awards’ prize next month.  

CREAT3D- which specialises in working with manufacturing and engineering companies- is entering the borough-wide awards for the first time and has been shortlisted as Tech SME of the Year.

The company’s managing director and founder, Simon Chandler said: “CREAT3D help businesses to benefit from integrating 3D printers into their business.

“We enable our customer to generate large cost savings, improve their design and production processes.

“We also reduce lead times to bring products to market by providing a range of products and services all related to Additive Manufacturing.”

Commenting on CREAT3D’s motivation to enter the awards, Mr Chandler added: “We are proud to be based in the Thames Valley, and often feel that as a region it can be overlooked.

“It has a fantastic history of Technology, and has some highly skilled people working here, so we want to shout about it.”

This year’s Thames Valley Tech Awards follow the success of its first year in 2018, and will continue to recognise the outstanding achievements of businesses- both big and small- from a region that is home to companies including Microsoft, Oracle Huawei and Cisco.

And Mr Chandler- who has been part of the Winnersh Triangle-based company since its establishment in 2013- said: “We hope [entering the awards] will alert more companies to the benefits of using 3D printing technologies to lower their costs, make efficiency gains and to improve their businesses.

“Currently 3D Printers can produce objects in a variety of materials, including plastics, carbon fibre and metals like Stainless Steel and Titanium, but in the future they will offer an even wider range of materials and also the cost of the machines and the consumables will become more accessible.

“There will also be improvements in the speed of printing, so objects can be printed in a few seconds, rather than in hours or days currently.”

As well as supporting local business’ use of 3D printing and hosting events at their Wokingham showroom, the company also showcase the machinery at trade shows across the country.

Mr Chandler said: “These events are popular with our customers as they can see the printers in action, and can ask questions of our expert staff to understand how this technology can be deployed into a customer’s business.

“We always list our next events on our website, so local businesses are welcome to attend and see the technology in the flesh.”

The Thames Valley Tech Awards ceremony is taking place on Thursday, September 19. For more information or to attend the awards, log on to www.tvtechawards.co.uk.

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