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Wokingham based courier group Flight Logistics are reaching for the stars (and the moon in their case).

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One small step by a Wokingham courier business, is one giant leap towards a safer world this month. 

Flight Logistics have partnered with creative teams including Saatchi Art to raise funds for humanitarian organisation Mines Advisory Group (MAG).

The advocacy group- which is committed to clearing landmines and unexploded bombs from conflict affected communities- will benefit from the delivery company’s work as a result of an art exhibition and online auction taking place this month. 

The innovative exhibition named ‘One Small Step’ took place between July 5-7 and featured 12 astronaut helmets transformed by a range of artistic styles, colours and personalities by first class artists. 

Participating creatives include Anish Kapoor, Joana Vasconcelos, Alison Jackson, D*Face, Mr. Brainwash, Bran Symondson, UnSKilled Worker, Philip Colbert, Hayden Kays, Ben Eine, Dan Baldwin and Chris Levine.

The project’s space theme- which coincides with the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing this month- is marked by not only the headgear, but the number of pieces on display, 12 equating to the number of men who have walked on the moon since 1969.

And it was the artworks’ unique presentation- placed on embellished packing cases- which the borough’s delivery contributed their services to.

Image copyright of Steve Bodie, Flight Logistics.

As well as the exhibition, an online auction including the original helmets and limited edition prints is also being held until July 22, with all proceeds going to MAG. 

To view or participate in the auction log on to

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