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Wokingham Borough Council votes to eliminate single-use plastic from its buildings

Single use plastic
Picture: meineresterampe / pixabay

Wokingham Borough Council voted to remove all single use plastics from its buildings and supply chain as soon as possible at a virtual meeting held on Thursday, July 23.

The motion was proposed by Cllr Gregor Murray, the executive member for climate emergency.

“There has to be some exceptions, but from now on, there will be no excuse for single-use plastic,” he said. 

Actions would include phasing out the purchase of single-use plastic products through services commissioned by the Council and working with businesses, community groups and residents to encourage each other on. 

There would be signs installed in the council’s buildings and properties forbidding the use of single-use plastics and regular updates at council meetings. 

Cllr Laura Blumenthjal seconded the motion, saying she was a fan of Sir David Attenborough and he had opened her eyes, galvanising the public. 

A plastic up could take 400 years to break down, which is why she supported it. 

Cllr Rachel Burgess raised a point of order saying that if no one wished to speak against the motion, it should go straight to vote. 

As no one wished to speak against, it went to a vote, with Cllr Murray thanking the chamber for their support. 

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