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Wokingham boutique bar planning dry January tasting session with non-alcoholic beers

Sit & Sip Wokingham
Some of the non-alcoholic gins on offer at Sit & Sip Wokingham

IF DRY January is getting a little boring, help could be at hand thanks to a Wokingham bar. 

Sit & Sip Tasting Room in Peach Place has upped its range of alcohol-free drinks including a selection of Sin-Free Sips, a Sin Freejito and a number of alcohol-free beers. 

Alcohol-free drink options added to the menu for dry January include fig muddled with ginger, lemon, Demerara and orange juice topped with rhubarb and ginger tonic. 

Another drink features alcohol-free spirit Lyres Dry London mixed with a pink peppercorn tonic. 

And anyone wanting to try the dry is invited to a special celebration event taking place this Sunday afternoon. Big Drop Brewing Co, a non-alcoholic brewery, will be there to showcase its 0.5 per cent ABV beers. 

Sit & Sip owner James Mattingley said: “Dry January doesn’t have to be boring. During December people have probably been celebrating and overindulged during the festive period, but that doesn’t mean socialising has to stop in January. 

“We’re here to give people somewhere to go so they can meet up with friends or have a night out with their loved ones, have a great time but still steer clear of alcohol.

“Alcohol-free doesn’t need to be associated with poor choice, poor taste or be boring. As a Tasting Room we are offering a lot of non-alcoholic options that are just as delicious as the alcoholic beers and gins on the menu.”

And Sunday’s event is one of a series planned for coming months. It also offers space for community groups and clubs who want to hold meetings in more relaxed surroundings. 

Live music is planned on the last Thursday of the month, with Blue Torch 3 appearing next Thursday. 

Mr Mattingley added: “We’re really happy with how Peach Place has come on since opening. 

“It would be great to see more events happening in the square outside. Wokingham Winter Carnival and the Christmas events in Peach Place have been some of the big highlights for us in the first year.

“It would be wonderful to see more of those outdoor community events in the future. 

“We’ve been working with our fellow businesses too such as the Blue Orchid Bakery and Beyond the Download. It’s all part of our ethos to supply as many local products as possible. As a local business we have a duty of care to support the community and community events.”

Sit & Sip

Five tips for surviving dry January

To help Wokingham folk get through dry January 2020, Sit & Sip has the following top tips for surviving the month: 

1. Remind yourself of the health benefits. Letting your body have a break from alcohol can improve your skin, boost your energy levels and help you lose weight

2. Switch alcohol for other treats. Enjoy delicious alcohol-free drinks that excite your tastebuds

3. Save money you would have spent on booze. Want motivation to get through the month? Put the cash you would have spent on a night out on the sauce into a piggy bank. You’ll be amazed how much you may save in just four weeks

4. Add some exercise. Try walking every day in the fresh air as a way to boost your health and your spirits

5. Don’t be disheartened if you have a slip. If the glass of wine at the end of a busy day was too tempting to resist, do not beat yourself up. Get back on the wagon and promise to complete the month, because you will still get great health benefits from drinking less.

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