Wokingham bride-to-be launches heartfelt search for her cherished Beetle: what’s it all about, Alfie?

Alfie VW
Can you help find Alfie?

LIKE any bride, Susie Monk is excited about drawing up the guest list for her wedding.

There will be family, friends, work colleagues and two brothers flying in from Australia and Singapore.

But there is one guest missing from the list who has a special place in Susie’s heart – her old car, Alfie.

Now, Dad Maurice has launched a UK wide search for the Volkswagen Beetle to get his daughter to the church on time.

“Alfie was Susie’s first car after she passed her test at 18,” explained Maurice.

“She loved it, cared for it and learned car mechanics with it as Alfie had a habit of breaking down.

“I bought it online from someone on the south coast. Susie eventually sold it but now she is getting married in June, she would love to arrive in her first car rather than a Rolls Royce or a horse and carriage.

“She loved Alfie and they went through a lot together. It would just mean so much to her.”

Alfie dressed up for Susie’s 21st birthday party

Alfie was built in 1973 and like all Beetle’s, was a popular choice for first time buyers as the car was easy to drive and low in cost to run.

For the past few weeks, Maurice has been scouring the country in a desperate effort to find where it is now.

“We were able to trace it through an MoT service to a garage in the Cheltenham area. They remembered working on it but it has since been sold again,” added Maurice.

“At the moment, the trail has gone cold but I am determined to carry on the search. These old Beetles remain popular and, rather than scraping them, most people restore them or keep them for parts.

“If anyone knows where Alfie is, please get in touch. Susie would be over the moon to arrive at her wedding in June riding in her first car. It would mean so much to her.”

If you spot Alfie, email Maurice at: Maurice.monk@gmail.com

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