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Wokingham businessman raises fears over 5G technology trials

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A WOKINGHAM businessman has called for an investigation into health concerns over the latest smartphone technology.

Nicholas Martin raised the issue at the annual meeting of Wokingham Town Council this week claiming there is overwhelming evidence it can cause cancer and other serious illnesses.

Many of the leading mobile phone networks plan to introduce limited availability of the 5G system by the end of this year with most of the country expected to be covered by 2020.

Wokingham could be among the first towns to be included in the national rollout due to its proximity to London.

However, Mr Martin called for better education adding studies from leading scientists point to a major health risk.

“We already know the current 4G technology which is in widespread use causes cancer and immune disease,” he said. “My wife suffered from rheumatoid arthritis because we had 4G in our bedroom. Once it was removed, her symptoms disappeared.

“There is too much scientific evidence that 5G is even more harmful for it to be ignored.

“I would compare it to initial claims that smoking causes cancer which were ignored but that fact is now accepted.

“There is a need for education among politicians who are our lawmakers and the general public who may be unaware of the research. The time to act is now.”

Nicholas Martin
Nicholas Martin is campaigning against 5G technology in its current form

Mr Martin’s question to council members was: “What is the Town Council’s attitude toward 5G transmission within Wokingham Town itself?”

He said the new 5G waves cannot travel far so to overcome this, LED streetlights will be converted to carry the signal.

“This would also mean trees would need to be chopped down which would change the nature of towns like Wokingham and its surroundings.

“It is known that 5G opens the blood brain barrier and let toxins into the brain. This is very serious.

“It is not a question of doubt but one of scientific fact just like in the smoking of cigarettes it is no longer doubted that smoking can cause cancer because of the scientific facts.

“I have been made aware of the effects of microwave mobile phone and Wi-Fi technology, through my wife’s serious illness which involved very, very great pain for her.

“I do not wish any other person to suffer like that, because of ignorance of how to use this technology safely. The people of Wokingham have a right to know all of the facts and what our politicians intend to do about this technology and not just have it rolled out.”

The Wokingham Paper has asked Wokingham Town Council for comment.

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@Toby Hodges.

Please do pay attention in class. Last year, there was both the $30 million NTP study which was funded by the FDA in the US, and the much smaller study from the Ramazzini institute in Italy which deployed much weaker signals. Reviews of both of these studies concluded clear evidence of cancer in rats exposed to cell phone radiation (900Mhz).

To quote the words of an Israeli health professional who got WiFi banned in Israeli schools, “it doesn’t get clearer than Clear Evidence of Cancer”.

Toby Hodges

I’m not sure what paying attention in class has to do with modern studies about RF causing cancer, but okay.

I didn’t know about these studies. I looked into them a bit more. The lead author of the Ramazzini intricate study said that the risk to humans is low, despite their findings. The linked article makes some good points when reviewing the paper. Again, I’m not dismissing it, but this goes back to my point about the media and scientific fear mongering.

The US national cancer agency has looked at all the relevant studies, including the NTP study, and determined that there still isn’t a significant risk. According to this article, there has yet to be any significant increase in the number of brain tumours in the general public – you would assume after 30 years of mobile phone technology that there would be an increase. Also, the NTP study has been criticised by many since it was released.
The FDA still, even after the study, suggests that current safety limits are still acceptable.

You have to admit that the part about 4G causing his wife medical problems is speculation at best.

Toby Hodges

I already replied to this but it didn’t post. Hopefully Im not just replying the same this again. Also I’m not sure what paying attention in class has to do with this, but okay.

So yeah, I may have been a bit dismissive, but I think my point still stands.

Firstly, the Italian study has been pretty heavily criticised. The US national cancer institute says that the interpretation of the results is flawed and the study is missing key details. This doesn’t mean the study is wrong, but this does raise questions. You certainly can’t assume that this is 100% proof that RF causes cancer. The lead author even said that the risk to humans is low.
The NTP study is more significant, but again there is criticism at the interpretation of the results, specifically regarding the control group. These studies need to be independently replicated before we take them as gospel truth. It does raise questions, but if the effect is very low, I don’t think its fair to ban 5G as a result. The following link is an example of an article that breaks down the report.
According to the US national cancer institute, most statistical studies show no increase in cancer since the widespread use of RF Although, since there are many different causes of cancer, its impossible to say this is concrete evidence.

Despite these studies, the FDA still considers current safety restrictions appropriate, so its unfair to jump to conclusions based on these two reports.

I still think him claiming that his wife’s arthritis was caused 4G is bogus. Im also not convinced by his point about 5G opening up the blood brain barrier and ‘letting toxins in’ but i haven’t looked for papers, so I don’t know.

Toby Hodges

“We already know the current 4G technology which is in widespread use causes cancer and immune disease”
No we don’t. This is wrong. There haven’t been any concrete long term studies, that I can find anyway, that prove this. Some scientists say it MIGHT have some effect, but they only say this because the technology hasn’t been around long enough to confirm the long term effects. 4G and 5G use non-ionising radiation, which doesn’t have enough energy to alter molecules in the body. Cell phone technology has been around since the early ’80s, and the technology remains largely the same as it was then.

You can’t claim “scientific fact” when it objectively isn’t. Anybody can say that ‘leading scientists prove X’ without citing actual studies. Its this kind of thing that causes scientific fear-mongering, like anti-vaxination.

Im not saying its 100% safe, because I obviously can’t prove that. I sympathise that his wife went through something awful, but its a bit presumptuous to say its down to 4G radiation in a bedroom. How do you even remove 4G from a bedroom? Did he line his house with 5cm of Lead?

Diana Boughton

Try looking at the recent studies by the Ramazzini Institute, also the US National Toxicology Program. Both proved the link. Of course you will find articles from those who are desperate to discredit anything that actually demonstrates the truth, but please look at the facts not the propaganda.
The Interphone study is often quoted by those who deny the link. Interestingly, the authors of the study published some of their results as a separate appendix. The appendix results clearly showed the link – probably more so than the recent studies.

Toby Hodges

Okay fair enough, there is some evidence. I shouldn’t have been so dismissive. However, I think my point still stands. While those papers haven’t been discredited, They have come under some scrutiny. Criticism of published papers is how we determine if they ARE truth. Until the studies are independently replicated its unfair to call them the absolute truth and criticism of the papers propaganda. I’m not dismissing them because they obviously have some merit, but the FDA still considers the current safety levels appropriate even after this study.


The FDA provided funding for the study but it’s the FCC that controls the limits, not the FDA. And the FCC is run by industry lackeys. The last Commissioner, Tom Wheeler, was a former CTIA head and industry lobbyist, and infamously said that government committees need to “get out of the way of 5G”. There are foxes guarding the hen house and this is how this stuff is allowed to propagate so freely.

The standards are totally insufficient to prevent against anything other than heating (thermal) effects — they in no way protect against biological effects. The UK, Canada, US are currently the worst in the world for RF-EMF protection.

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