Wokingham courier group has wheely exciting announcement.

French artist Seaty is the next creative to join Flight Logistics' project.
French artist Seaty is the next creative to join Flight Logistics' project.

A Wokingham business has welcomed another artist to its ongoing creative project involving delivery vans. 

Courier and delivery group Flight Logistics- who launched its Art on Wheels initiative, comprising street art wrapped vehicles in 2016- will be working with French graffiti tag artist Seaty to produce the next member of its van fleet.

Commenting on the ongoing importance of the initiative to the company, Flight Logistics said: “[Our latest recruit is] a well-presented service vehicle sporting extraordinary artwork donated by a celebrated artist. It creates confidence, trust and draws a whole lot of interest in public spaces as also proved by our current fleet of 10 ShipArtTM ArtOnWheels vehicles.”

“This fleet is particularly important to us, because a lot of art lovers don’t get the chance to go to exhibitions and galleries. 

“So now when we are between collections and deliveries, or when we’re parked, we are offering an art experience for all to enjoy.”

The many faces of the current van fleet.

The company launched the campaign as part of the art handling branch of their services and use the brightly coloured vans to transport top quality art work to a range of venues. 

And Seaty’s exotic masterpiece will be the 11th van to join the crew thanks to Galeries Bartoux who Flight Logistics are collaborating with on this addition to the project. 

Artists of the current cluster include Dan Kitchener, D*Face, SNIK, The London Police, Jim Starr, Adelaide Damoah, Natasha Kumar and Richard Orlinski. 

Marketing and communications officer for Flight Logistics Steve Bodie said: “You might only see our vehicles for a second or so, but so far they’ve caused a lot of interest and conversation.”

“A lot of the team have connections to art themselves, whether that’s an interest in collecting art or simply visiting exhibitions, so this project is something that we’re all deeply invested in.”

The project can be tracked on social media via the hashtag #ShipArtAOW which has been designed to allow members of the public to view the current art work and progress of joining vehicles. 

For more information about Flight Logistics and their Art of Wheels initiative, log on to www.flightlg.com/services/shipart/.

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