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Wokingham flags flown at half-mast to honour memory of George Floyd

Wokingham Town Council
Wokingham Town Council's flag is flying at half-mast for Black Lives Matter Picture: Phil Creighton

FLAGS across Wokingham borough are being flown at half-mast in memory of George Floyd. 

Today marks a month since he was choked to death by police officers in the United States. 

Wokingham Borough Council’s Shute end offices, Wokingham Town Hall and the offices of Earley town council have all lowered their flags as a mark of respect. 

Wokingham Borough Council said in a statement that this is a way that it can illustrate its clear support for, and commitment to, ensuring equal opportunities for all and the ending of racism and discrimination. 

It has also launched a survey to listen to BAME voices and their experiences. 

Borough mayor Cllr Malcolm Richards said:  “There is no place for racism in our community and we are committed to tackling it.

“We still want to hear from residents across the borough about their experiences of race and racism and would encourage them to take part in our survey.” 

Black Lives Matter
Wokingham Borough Council’s flag is flying at half-mast for Black Lives Matter Picture: Phil Creighton

And Cllr Clive Jones, leader of Earley Town Council, said: “This is a very good thing to be doing.

“It is time for people to say that Black Lives Matter and that everyone should be treated with respect, which is what our constitution says.

“I spoke to a number of councillors and it was a unanimous view that we should be flying the flag.”

Wokingham Town Mayor, Cllr Tony Lack, said: “‘Like me, I am sure many of you found the death of George Floyd truly shocking.

“As a Town Council we value the many different cultures which make such a significant contribution to our community and reject discrimination and all forms of racism.

“Instead, we promote respect for everyone, and are confident that our community will do the same.”

The councils are also planning to lower the flags in honour of James Furlong on the day of his funeral.

To take part in the Wokingham Borough Council Tackling Racism Matters survey, visit

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Mick Bannon

Hope George is rotting in hell

Gary Styles

George Floyd deserved to die, he was human garbage

Barry George



Disgusting pandering to Marxism and honouring a disgusting career criminal junkie who held a pregnant woman at gunpoint. George Floyd was scum. Presumably they don’t want white taxpayers money.


Honouring an American career criminal. Why not put a gold statue up so you can all worship the mighty Saint George?


PATHETIC and even more pathetic that you deleted the comment about how pathetic it is, what are you scared of?


How utterly pathetic. Lowering flags for an American career criminal. Will you put a statue of him up so everyone can worship it too?

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