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Wokingham friends Karen and Steve are looking forward to their Henley art show

Karen Tomalin and Steve Davis
Karen Tomalin and Steve Davis

The rich colours of southern France and scenes from our local landscape will be coming to Henley this September, as two artists put on their second joint exhibition.

Motivated by the success of their first showing last year, Wokingham friends Karen Tomalin and Steve Davis have decided to put on another exhibition at Henley’s Old Fire Station Gallery, open between Thursday, September 5 and Tuesday, September 10.

The exhibition called ‘Surfacing’ will include wall hangings and paintings inspired by their trips to Europe and the local landscape.

Lifelong art lover Ms Tomalin, who formerly worked in retail, only started creating textile quilts and wall hangings six years ago.

She said: “Showing our work to the public has convinced us that people in the local area enjoy and support art and design.

“We have been given the motivation to carry on with something that completely fascinates us and hopefully we can share that fascination with you.”

She added: “I was amazed by people’s reaction to our first exhibition. They were very positive and encouraging.

“The experience proved so successful that we decided to do it again.”

Initially cautious about showing their work, the two artists found many doors opened after the first exhibition and enabled both to pursue their passions of painting and sewing.

Since the first exhibition, the two artists were invited to join the Henley Arts Trail, which Karen has participated in twice, and the Wokingham Arts Trail.

Steve has just finished exhibiting at Reading’s Blake’s Lock.

The two neighbours often find inspiration in their joint holidays, so their work captures the rich colours of the south of France.

Ms Tomalin said: “I produce Textile quilts and wall hangings that explore my love of colour and shape found in nature and my surrounding landscape.

“I then captured the things we saw on holiday through the quilt. Our last exhibition was called From Provence to the Pyrenees. We visited artistic works from figures like Matisse and Salvador Dali.

“It has become a serious hobby for me — but, we all have a desire to create.”

Mr Davis produces paintings and drawings that are unique takes on landscape and portraiture.

Entry is free, and doors will be open from 9am until 6pm. For more information, visit

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