WOKINGHAM LOCAL PLAN: How will rest of borough fare under proposals?

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MORE THAN 3,300 homes are planned for Arborfield Garrison under the updated Local Plan.

The draft Local Plan was announced last week, and includes key strategic areas for housing development.

Within this is Arborfield, where Wokingham Borough Council hopes to build new homes, office space and a new district centre with shops and leisure facilities.

The borough council hopes to keep the new development separate from Arborfield Cross, Barkham Hill and Finchampstead to tackle urban sprawl.

They also hope to prioritise more environmentally-friendly methods of transport including walking, cycling and use of public transport — which they also hope to improve connections for.


WINNERSH will also host a significant number of new houses, with 270 homes planned for the area.

The majority of these will be on Winnersh Farms, with the remaining 20 planned for Winnersh Plant Hire, off Reading Road.

Deputy leader for the Wokingham Liberal Democrats, Clive Jones said: “The Winnersh councillors knew nothing about this plan.

“They knew that there was going to be a little bit of development in Winnersh, but they were a bit surprised to see 250 homes for Winnersh Farms.”

Travelling communities

WITHIN the Local Plan, Wokingham Borough Council hope to provide 24 additional pitches for Gypsies and Travellers.

There will be five at Tintagel Farm, Sandhurst Road, four on the land behind 166 Nine Mile Ride, and 15 pitches on Woodlands Farm, Barkham.

In September 2017, the council identified the need for 26-90 permanent pitches for Travellers and Gypsies to meet their growing accommodation needs.

Since then, approval has been granted for 16 pitches. Combined with the new proposal, this will provide 40 pitches.

This is in accordance with the National Planning Policy for Traveller Sites (PPTS). It aims to ensure:

“Fair and equal treatment for travellers, in a way that facilitates the traditional and nomadic way of life of travellers while respecting the interests of the settled community.”

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