Wokingham MP John Redwood told to “bugger off” over EU letter

Redwood v Soames

The grandson of Winston Churchill has told Wokingham’s MP to “bugger off”.

Earlier this week, John Redwood wrote an open letter to every Conservative MP about the forthcoming European referendum.

In it, he told his Westminster colleagues “this referendum will be a defining moment for MPs. We will be judged for several Parliaments to come by what we do and how we vote”.

Mr Redwood, whose opposition to the European Union is well documented, also warned his fellow Euroseptic colleagues that they must keep to their pre-election promises.

However, the letter has not gone down well with all MPs who received it.

Sir Nicholas Soames, the Conservative MP for Mid Sussex, is pro-Europe and wasn’t impressed with Mr Redwood’s letter.


In a tweet, Sir Nicholas – who is the grandson of Sir Winston Churchill – said: “To be told how to vote in Referendum by J Redwood in an email to colleagues marks a new low in my life in the House.”

He finished with the hashtag “#buggeroff” – the hashtag is a way for Twitter users to link a tweet using the same words or phrases, in this case the rude remarks.

The tweet was then picked up by ITV’s political editor Robert Peston, who commented: “I might have implied recently that @nsoamesmp lacked manners & could be funnier. I retract.”

This led to a war of words between Sir Nicholas and Mr Peston over the journalist’s dress sense and demeanour. It wasn’t the only response. Many Twitter users have expressed support one way or the other:

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