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Cherry blossom
Picture: Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

Cherry tree

Sometimes in the morning
When the world is hard to face
In lonely isolation
No contact with the human race

It feels life’s not worth living
With no-one there to share
And every day’s a burden
Without a loved-one close to care

To wither behind sadness
The cold and bleak despair
When you cry out in the darkness
No-one answers – no-one’s there

But today the sun is shining
Its rays light the cherry tree
The pink and radiant blossom
Reaches out to comfort me

And the daffodils are nodding
The primrose pale and bright
And tulips sway in unison
To grace the morning light

The world is full of beauty
And friends are on the ’phone
Although in isolation
We’re not really on our own

So let’s focus on the future
When of the virus we’ll be free
Keep looking at the blossom
On the sun-lit cherry tree

Darling dustman

Today my ‘Darling Dustman’
Gave me a cheery wave
To brighten isolation
And my sanity to save

We don’t think about the rubbish
As it’s collected every week
By hunky ‘Darling Dustmen’
With sturdy dustmen’s feet

With their truck piled high with rubbish
They count amongst the brave
So thank you ‘Darling Dustman’
For giving me a cheery wave

Jean Hill

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