Wokingham ‘psychic’ says he predicts a second wave of Covid-19 in September

Colin Antink says he can hear messages from the spirit world. Picture: Jess Warren

A WOKINGHAM ‘psychic’ who says he foresaw panic buying before the coronavirus pandemic began says he has seen visions of the second wave hitting the UK next month.

Colin was born with a gift, says his mother, Lynn Antink. A gift the duo share. 

Both Lynn and Colin believe they can communicate with the spiritual world, and often experience sudden visions. 

Colin tells Wokingham.Today: “It’s like a memory, but of something that isn’t a memory. Clear pictures of something I’ve not experienced before. I could see panic inciting more panic.

“It flashes in the head as a picture and I’ll describe it. Obviously, I’m not going to see things like a newspaper title in the corner somewhere saying what it is, but I’ll just see what’s happening.”

This was back in December, before much of the world knew what was going on in Wuhan, China.

Instead, Colin thought the panic buying was because of Brexit, which was planned for Friday, January 31, at the time. 

Now, Colin says he can see trouble on the horizon in the form of a second wave, with Thursday, September 10, flashing through his mind. 

“I don’t feel good about it,” he says. “People aren’t going to listen this time. There will be a lot of anger – people have had enough of being locked down.

“And there will be anger from those that have followed the rules, being presented with it again. We’re going to find a lot more people who refuse to wear masks too.”

This could also be bad news for Colin, who falls within the clinically vulnerable category and has been shielding for the last four months.

He explained that his relationship with the spirit world began much earlier in life, as a young child.

“Mum never doubted me when I was growing up if I said I’d seen something, felt something, or heard something,” he says. “She would sit me down and say, ‘oh, they’re just saying hi to you’ and that sort of thing.”

Colin says he called the visitors the shadow people before he learnt about the spiritual world from clairvoyant, Dennie McKenzie. 

“I was about 14 when I first met Dennis, and it was just confirmation really that I’m not going nuts that there are people in the world like that,” he says. 

“I started to actually learn about the spiritual side of things and that the shadows are just people that are on a different plane of existence.”

Colin’s 90-deck voyager intuition tarot cards. Picture: Jess Warren

Colin says he now uses numerology and tarot cards to begin a psychic reading. After that, he opens the meeting to messages from the spiritual world. 

But he says it’s never that straightforward. 

“I could be doing a reading, trying to explain a card and I’ve got spirits shouting in my ear trying to get me to say what they want the person to know. 

“I did a reading for a lady the other day and two ex-husbands and one relative were all trying to get messages across. I don’t self-censor. If I get a clear message I say it in plain English.”

Although uncommon, he has previously predicted a lottery win.

Lynn says: “It is lovely when you get something really nice to tell a friend. We had a friend who was really down on his luck, lost his job – he didn’t have a penny to his name.”

Colin predicted his regular lotter entry would win soon, and the next week it did. 

“Everybody wants me to tell them that,” jokes Colin. “He’s about the only person I’ve actually told that to.

“People want to be told they’re going to be rich, they’re going to win the lottery and live in a mansion – generally, that’s not how it works.”

And to relate best to his clients, he says he purposefully keeps religion out of all readings, and doesn’t want to force his beliefs on anyone.

“I can’t go and say God wants you to do something. Religion and faith is an amazing thing to have. But it doesn’t mesh well with spirituality,” he says. “If I go into a church and say, ‘hey, I can hear the spirit’ they might think I’m possessed by something unholy.

“And it also doesn’t mesh with people who are complete skeptics. 

“I will never try and force my beliefs on them because I’m self aware. If someone is sceptic, I’ll make a point never to say anything psychic, or refer to spirits or anything around them.”

He adds: “If they did the same to me, I’d be thrilled. But no, it’s always ‘you’re wrong for doing this, you’re making up a load of rubbish and you’re just lying to people’.”

Colin says he hates TV psychics and worries they’re exploiting people and the spiritual world for monetary gain.

“They make me angry,” he says. “So much of it is fake, it’s not fair. They’re taking advantage of someone trapped on this plane.”

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