Wokingham Pugs dress up for ‘Pugowe’en’ walk

Wokingham Pugs dress up for ‘Pugowe’en’ walk

DOG LOVERS from the Wokingham Pug Facebook group held some Hallowe’en fun on Sunday.

The group members held a Pugowe’en get together in Cantley Park, enjoying a walk and prizes for the best dressed pug.

Running for seven years, the group is dedicated to pugs and their humans in and around the Wokingham area.

Organisers said that the ever-increasing popularity of pugs has resulted in the group becoming more focused on education and improving the health and wellbeing of the breed.

The group meets monthly to socialise their pooches and raise money for Muffin Pug Rescue and PDWRA. The group raised just over £2,000 for MuffinPug Rescue at a summer event, and are now planning a Pugmas Christmas party.


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