Wokingham puts its best foot forward for a funtastic Wokingham Walk

Wokingham Walk
The Wokingham Walk on Sunday. Some of the walkers begin their walk. Picture: Steve Smyth for The Wokingham Paper

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Families grabbed their walking boots and charity buckets before flocking to a special walk in Wokingham on Sunday, May 12.

The annual ramble – which raised funds for children’s charities Me 2 Club and First Days – covered four routes between Howard Palmer Gardens and Wokingham Town Centre.

Walkers chose from routes varying from five to 20 miles. And there were refreshments – provided by local supermarkets – for hikers to enjoy at the five and 10 mile pointers.

Organiser and member of the Wokingham Lions Andy Slay said: “It was a very successful event. We had a couple of hundred supporters and a real mixture of people who joined in with the challenge.”

“One of the most popular trails was the 10-mile track which took walkers via a lovely bluebell woods. It was great to see families challenging their kids to walk further than they had last year.”

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Mr Slay is a member of Wokingham Lions and plays an active role in the borough’s charity calendar and has taken a lead in the organisation of events including the May Fayre, Wokingham Walk and fireworks night.

And he hopes that more people will back the Walk: “Next year we’d really like to see participants raising money for charities of their own choice.

“It would be great if kids used the walk as an opportunity to fundraise for school projects such as volunteering trips.”

This was the Wokingham Walk’s fourth year and its organisers look forward to next year’s event.

For more information about the Wokingham Walk or the charities involved log on to www.wokinghamwalk.co.uk/


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