Wokingham Remainers bridge the divide over Europe

Demo held on Loddon Bridge

Members of Berkshire in Europe were at Loddon Bridge on Saturday to raise awareness of their campaign for a second referendum Picture: Steve Smyth for The Wokingham Paper

CAMPAIGNERS hoping that the UK will remain in the European Union took to a bridge over calm waters on Saturday.

Members of Berkshire for Europe gathered at Loddon Bridge, near the Showcase roundabout in Winnersh, to hold a peaceful protest against Brexit.

The event, called Building Bridges, was part of a national campaign to push for a referendum on Theresa May’s deal to leave the European Union. It followed on from a similar event held in Reading last month and organised by the Reading Group of Berkshire For Europe and Open Britain.

Supporter Vanessa Rogers told The Wokingham Paper: “The event was one of EU solidarity to show our peaceful and huge support of the European project.

“We lined the bridge to raise our EU, Union Jack, Irish, Welsh and Scottish flags together to reflect our faith in the European ideals of unity and peace and build the bridge to embrace these ideals and garner public support and cohesion in our now divided society.”

Although Ms Rogers said it had been a heart-warming event, she also said that some Brexit supporter had hurled verbal abuse at them.

“But,” she added, “We did get a lot of toots, yells and thumbs up of support from passing traffic including one from an ambulance.

“There are many people that do not want Brexit to happen and are clearly very supportive of the EU.”

The group is planning to return to Loddon Bridge on Saturday, March 16, ahead of a national demonstration in London on Saturday, March 23.

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  1. I don’t agree with the result of the last General Election, it kept a total Tory idiot in charge of Britain. Wokingham is being run by her fellow Tory idiots, what are you doing about that ??

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