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Wokingham Town Council agrees to fly Pride flag later this month

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WOKINGHAM TOWN COUNCIL is to follow in the footsteps of the borough council by agreeing to fly the flag for Pride next month. 

Staff at the town hall will hoist up the rainbow-coloured flag after a decision made at a full council meeting held on Tuesday, July 30. 

Cllr Elizabeth Bishop made the proposal, saying that it should be flown to mark the local Pride day, which this year takes place in Reading on August 31. 

She told the chamber that recent months have seen an unfortunate increase in homophobic graffiti across the town which indicates a lack of tolerance and inclusivity. 

She added that this year is the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising which sparked the modern Pride movement and groups across the country are honouring five decades of activism.

And Cllr Bishop felt that flying the flag would be seen as a positive symbol and a clear statement that Wokingham is an inclusive community which welcomes everyone.

By making this decision Wokingham Town Council is joining Wokingham Borough Council, which agreed at its recent Council meeting to fly the Rainbow Flag.

The flags will be raised on the weekend of Saturday, August 31 – when Reading Pride takes place, which is currently the nearest event for Wokingham residents.

There are plans for Wokingham to start its own Pride Day in 2020 which, in line with other events nationally, will celebrate the diversity of our local community. LGBT Pride is a positive stance against discrimination and violence, promotes rights equality and celebrates sexual diversity and gender variance in all communities.

In a statement, Cllr Bishop said: “I am delighted that my colleagues supported this proposal.

“While I recognise that everyone is not in agreement with flying the flag I really believe it offers a strong symbol and clear statement that, as a Council, we want to represent a fully inclusive community that welcomes and values everyone.”

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