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Wokingham Town Council results

A Woodley by-election will take place at the end of the month.

There are two new faces on Wokingham Town Council now that the votes have been counted.

The seats were up for election on Thursday, May 7 and there were a selection of independent candidates were vying for votes, along with the traditional parties. Two of the independents have succeeded in getting elected.

One Lib Dems has also been elected, while the rest of the seats have gone to the Conservatives.

Emmbrook North Ward –

CLARK, Ullakarin Vilhelmina, Conservative Party Candidate 1048 ELECTED
KARAKURT, Elizabeth Anne, An Independent Voice For Wokingham Town  613
MORGAN, Kevin Gerard Conservative Party Candidate 927 ELECTED
ODEDRA, Sanjay Conservative Party Candidate 1083 ELECTED
SHARPLES, Paul Grant Conservative Party Candidate 463 

Emmbrook South Ward –

DAVIS, Ann Amanda An Independent Voice for Wokingham Town – 663
GASCOYNE, Mary Labour Party – 436
GILMOUR, James Paul Liberal Democrat – 762
HEWETSON, Anthony Stephen Conservative Party Candidate 1000
HEWETSON, Gwynneth Susan Conservative Party Candidate 1136 – ELECTED
MALVERN, Keith Andrew Liberal Democrat – 867
MIRFIN, John Philip The Conservative Party Candidate – 1219 – ELECTED
SHEPHERD-DUBEY, Imogen Lisa Liberal Democrat – 1005 – ELECTED

Evendons East Ward –
2 conservative, 1 INDEPENDENT

ASHWELL, Mark Austin Conservative Party Candidate – 943 ELECTED
GURNEY, Sally Catherine An Independent Voice For Wokingham Town 689 – ELECTED
MOORE, Christopher David Conservative Party Candidate – 767 ELECTED
WHITTLE, Oliver John Conservative Party Candidate – 568
WOODWARD, John Labour Party – 358

Evendons West Ward

BISHOP, Martin Conservative Party Candidate – 1718 ELECTED
BOWRING, Christopher John Conservative Party Candidate 1336 ELECTED
FORBES, Lynn An Independent Voice For Wokingham Town 1376 ELECTED
GEORGE, Matthew Nicholas Conservative Party Candidate 1296 ELECTED
KING, Dianne Maureen Conservative Party Candidate 1295
LEE, David George Conservative Party Candidate 1407 ELECTED
ROGERSON, Anna Maria Labour Party 841

Norreys East Ward

BAKER, John Robert Labour Party – 712
HAYWARD, Simon Mark An Independent Voice For Wokingham Town – 991
LUCEY, Peter Martin Conservative Party Candidate – 1299 ELECTED
RICHARDS, Malcolm Llewellyn Conservative Party Candidate – 1180 ELECTED
STEATHAM, Sallyanne Conservative Party Candidate 1172 – ELECTED
WATERS, Andrew Neil Conservative Party Candidate 1085 ELECTED

Norreys West Ward

CAMPBELL-WHITE, Nicholas John Conservative Party Candidate – 1344 ELECTED
GEORGE, Colin Royston Conservative Party Candidate – 1198 ELECTED
MCSHANE, Michael Joseph Labour Party – 692
MONK, Maurice Stanley Conservative Party Candidate – 951 ELECTED

Wescott East Ward –

DAVIES, David Owen Howell Conservative Party Candidate 759 – elected
SUMNER, Julian Paul Conservative Party Candidate 811 – elected
SKATES, Carole Christine Labour Party – 447

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Imogen Shepherd-DuBey

I am very happy and honoured to be serving the people of Wokingham. I certainly welcome more variety on Wokingham Town Council and hope to work with everyone for a better Wokingham.

Sally Gurney

Just the one Lib Dem I’m afraid! Quite a few first timers amongst the new Conservative councillors too.

Here’s looking forward to a positive start as the new town council!

Matthew George

Cllr Sally Gurney, i’m looking forward to the diversity!

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