Wokingham’s blue bags are on their way across the borough

Blue bags
Blue bags

THE annual distribution of blue bags across Wokingham borough began earlier this month.

Households across the borough will receive 80 bags in two rolls of 40, which will cover refuse collections from April to March next year.

The project will take five weeks to complete.

Wokingham Borough Council said that due to a manufacturing issue outside of the council’s control, it is distributing bags with four ties for this year only, rather than handles.

However, it said that the size and quality of the bags remain the same.

Waste collections will continue to be on a weekly basis and the number of bags each household receives will not reduce.

Households can also purchase brown bags for green waste collection if they do not need a green waste bin on the council’s website (search for ‘garden waste’).

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Cllr Simon Weeks, executive member for planning and enforcement, said: “While the blue bag allocation takes residents up until the end of March 2018 and equates to one and a half bags a week, we hope that being able to increase the number of items that are accepted in our kerbside collections, we can see a significant reduction in the amount of household waste that we produce as a borough.”

Residents should receive their 80 official blue bags by the end of March. Anyone wishing to know when theirs will be delivered can do so by visiting the council’s website (search for ‘annual bin bag delivery’) or by calling (0118) 974 6000.

There will be changes in the garden waste collection day for some residents and those who will be affected will be notified by letter.

All other collections remain unchanged for 2018/19 and any residents who are unsure of their day can use the postcode search on the council’s website at: www.wokingham.gov.uk (search for ‘bin day’).

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