Woodley councillor who stood for Conservatives joins Labour and backs Matt Rodda for Reading East

Majid Nagra and Matt Rodda Picture: Reading East Labour
General Election 2019

A COUNCILLOR serving on Woodley Town Council has joined Labour after standing for the Conservatives last year – and is lending his support to Reading East candidate Matt Rodda. 

Cllr Majid Nagra represents Loddon South on Woodley Town Council and was a Conservative Borough Council candidate in 2018. He was also a member of the Reading East Conservatives’ executive committee, where he represented Loddon Ward. 

Matt Rodda said: “Cllr Majid Nagra has resigned from the Conservative Party and has announced that he is supporting me tomorrow in Reading East. 

“He is well known as a hard-working local councillor and I appreciate his support. Many local Conservative voters are deeply unhappy with Boris Johnson and his Brexit policy. I would ask them to consider voting for me to help stop Boris Johnson.

Cllr Nagra said: “This election is going to be really close and Matt is the only candidate who can beat the Tories here.

“Since it could be a hung parliament, I urge Reading East residents to vote for Matt to stop Boris Johnson getting a majority.”

There are six candidates standing in Reading East:

  • Mitch Feierstein, Brexit Party;
  • David McElroy, Green Party;
  • Craig Morley, Conservative Party;
  • Yemi Awolola, Christian Peoples Alliance;
  • Matt Rodda, Labour Party;
  • Imogen Shepherd-Dubey, Liberal Democrats.

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